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✨What is Crystal Healing?✨ Gaia’s guide to crystal beginners

The world of crystals, stones, and minerals may seem intimidating at first but I promise it isn’t! Crystal healing is not something that one needs “special powers” or “training” to experience. Another hoax to bust: you don’t need to spend entire paychecks on large, extravagant minerals (though it is very easy to do). The proper way to begin your journey into crystal healing, like any other journey one would pursue, is with an open mind and an open heart.  Working with crystals and minerals requires one to tap into their intuition and find their own methods of healing. 

You will find as you dive further into our blogs that we loosely use the terms minerals, crystals, rocks, gems, and stones. But they all have different meanings, and I do believe that it is important to know the basic differences between all of those terms. 

Minerals are formed solely with one chemical composition.  some examples include malachite, hematite and carnelian. All crystals are minerals, but not all minerals are crystals. 

Crystals are minerals that have a visible crystallized form.  these formations may be called faceted, symmetrical, cubic, geometric, three dimensional and so forth. Some examples of crystals include celestite, quartz, pyrite, and fluorite. 

Rocks are formed from many multiple minerals that have, over the years, fused together into a single solid mass. Rocks are known to possibly contain organic material, which true minerals do not.  Some examples of rocks are jade, obsidian, shungite, and lapis lazuli. 

Gems are minerals or rocks that are high enough on the Mohs scale, The Mohs scale is a scale of hardness used in classifying minerals. It runs from 1 to 10 using a series of reference minerals, and position on the scale depends on the ability to scratch minerals rated lower. to be cut and polished to make cabochons and jewelry. A small number of rocks and minerals are actually able to be manipulated in this specific way, like turquoise and most feldspars. 

Stones are a general, non-technical term that the gem and mineral society uses in lazy times. This term encompasses anything from polished or tumbled stones to Minerals and crystals that have been carved into certain shapes.

So that is the basic introduction to the crystal world! stay tuned for our next blog, which will explain the basic terms of crystal healing:  Vibration, energy, talisman, maintenance, and much more! 

Blessed be from ours to yours. 


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